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What are the best sports to bet on online?

Football is one of the best sports to bet on online ... photo by CC user Rdikeman via wikipedia.org

Love sports, but want to juice up the action even more? Below, we discuss the best sports to bet on online…


This one is a no-brainer, as the world’s most beloved and played sport is an excellent sport to wager on when making your first bets online. Whether it’s the United Kingdom or Brazil, the world over loves football

The tight nature of this game, where goals are at a premium at the best of times, makes the process of sweating a match that you have money riding on all the more exciting.

What’s more, there are professional leagues all over the world, making the process of keeping on top of influencing factors challenging for professional bookies.

As a result, when you are live at a Slovenian football match and you have a unique insight on the players that few others would have, pulling out your phone and having a go at sports-betting online will give you a great chance at making some quick Euros while you enjoy a night out with your mates.

American football

The other football, the one the bloody Yanks whose name they insist on appropriating despite their ball resembling an egg more than a spherical object, is a sport that is rife with strategy and complex plays.

While it can devolve into a mind-numbing series of line tackles and quick whistles at its most defensive, there are plenty more moments of inventive plays that open up holes in the field, allowing running backs to sprint towards the end zone with a single-minded purpose, and those of sheer desperation as the clock ticks down.

While all of these moments make more an edge of seat experience for those that are betting on the score going one way or another, those that are into more exotic bets are in for a treat, as American football has been picked apart by statisticians, thereby opening up an endless series of stats to place an over/under bet upon.

Ice hockey

Well loved by the hardy inhabitants of Canada, the Northern USA and Scandinavia, ice hockey is a dazzling display of athleticism and physical brutality, demonstrated in tandem by tough players on skates.

With a touch more offense than your average football game, but with faster action and all the punishment one would expect on a rugby or American football pitch, betting on this sport will take an outstanding experience and make it an unforgettable evening.

With many games turning on a dime due to penalties, the emotion of teams and the crowd, or via something as innocuous as a deep rut in the ice causing the puck to skip in an unexpected manner, you’ll be holding on to your couch cushion at many moments throughout a typical hockey match.