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Parking Options in UK Airports – A Wide Variety!

parking at the airport

There’s no denying that airport parking is a convenient way for travelers to avoid the hassles of trying to persuade friends to drive them to the terminal. Most of the airports in the UK offer multiple parking options to suit all sorts of preferences. Scotland’s Aberdeen Airport has two notable car parks with fast transfers and fairly cheap rates. For instance, you can park at Aberdeen Airpark for eight days for only £35; the Aberdeen Airpark has an average transfer time of five minutes after checking in at reception. The Long Stay car park is slightly costlier than the Aberdeen Airpark at £41.80 for eight days, although the average transfer time is a bit faster at two minutes. It’s also worth noting that the Aberdeen Airpark and the Long Stay car park have received Park Mark status, which means both facilities have been inspected by UK police and vetted by the British Parking Association (BPA).

parking at the airport

West Sussex-based Gatwick Airport offers four different parking options spread across its North and South Terminals. The North Terminal offers a Long Stay self-parking space where you take your keys with you once you’ve parked up. Additionally, the North Terminal has a Summer Special parking space (which actually operates year round) that serves as Gatwick Airport’s valet parking option. Meanwhile, the South Terminal also offers a Long Stay self-parking space similar to the one in the North Terminal. Moreover, the South Terminal offers a Long Stay Plus option, where you leave your car and keys in the reception area to be parked by an official driver. UK parking service company also describes a fifth option called the Short Stay car park which is conveniently situated between Gatwick Airport’s North and South Terminals.

Bedfordshire, England’s Luton Airport currently offers short-, mid- and long-term parking options. The short-term parking space is free of charge to travelers who’ve driven to the airport on a motorcycle. The mid-term parking space is only two minutes away from the terminal through the free, 24-hour shuttle bus. The long-term parking space is only 10 minutes from the airport, in addition to having its own free, 24-hour shuttle bus. Notably, both the short- and mid-term parking spaces offer dedicated slots for disabled travelers.