How to do Ibiza on a budget

If you go to Ibiza on a budget, you'll find the extra money to spend on seeing awesome DJ's (like Deadmau5) at famed clubs there!

Thanks to its combination of sun, sand and world-famous nightclubs, Ibiza is a real mecca when it comes to group holidays. If you and your friends are contemplating hitting Ibiza this summer but are worried about the effect it’ll have on your bank balance, read our guide for making the most of your money on this sun-drenched party island.

Travel and hotels

Let’s start with the ultimate basics – you need to find the very best deals when it comes to travel and hotels. And while you might automatically think a package deal would offer you the best price, you’re actually often better off booking your flights and hotel separately. Why? Because this way you get to pick the most affordable option for each, not to mention have more choice when it comes to things like flight times.

There are plenty of tools at your disposal when it comes to finding the best deals – websites likeĀ Holiday Nights, which list the latest offers, are particularly handy. Once you’ve got your flights and hotel sorted, you need to think about how you’ll get from one to the other. Don’t be tempted by a taxi, as these are often pretty expensive; instead, either hop on the bus or hire a car – the latter is particularly worthwhile if you fancy exploring quite a lot of the island.


Partying is what most people come to Ibiza for, and considering the calibre of the clubs, who can blame them? In terms of both making the most of your trip and ensuring you don’t pay over the odds, it’s worth doing a bit of advance planning when it comes to clubs.

The first step is to work out exactly which clubs you absolutely have to visit. You should then try to book tickets for these online, for two reasons. Firstly, this means you’ll definitely get in and so won’t have to face the gloom of missing out on the party you most wanted to hit. Secondly, it also means you’re likely to pay less for your ticket, giving you more money to have fun with.

For many people, the ultimate club to head to is Pacha, which is on Avenida Ocho de Agosto in Ibiza Town. The oldest club on the island, it’s also one of the most famous, and it’s well-known for being one of the most glamorous and luxurious nightspots around. Plus, it’s absolutely massive – try to spend some time in several rooms to get a feel for the different vibes the place has.

What else to do and see

It’s easy to forget that there’s a lot more to Ibiza than nightclubs and beaches. So, if you really want to make the most of your trip, spend some time digging beneath the surface. Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town, for instance, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is the old part of the city, which is hemmed in by 16th-century walls – and these are a good place to start your exploration. The impressive gateways you’ll find dotted along the walls are their most interesting part – particularly worth seeing are the Portal de Ses Taules and the Portal de Soto es Fosc.

Other prime candidates for a visit are Ibiza Castle and Ibiza Cathedral, while taking a boat to the tiny neighbouring island of Formentera is a great way to escape the crowds for the day.