South Africa

Family Friendly Casino Holiday: Sun City Resort, South Africa

Sun City in South Africa is your ideal location for a family friendly casino holiday!

There is something so captivating about a casino, whether it’s the exciting sounds bouncing from wall to wall, the flashing lights or the prospect of winning, it cannot be denied that every person is filled with some level of excitement when entering a casino. The main problem when it comes to casinos though, is the fact that they are not family friendly.

Anyone under the age of eighteen is told to simply turn and walk away. This creates many problems for parents who are looking for the casino experience, but do not want to leave their children alone, with nothing fun to do. This is where the breathtakingly beautiful Sun City Resort swoops in to solve all of your parental problems.

One can say that thanks to websites such as Pokies Palace, that offer a large range of online gambling games from the comfort of your home, that there is no real reason to visit the casino anymore, although once you see a picture of what the stunning Sun City Resort looks like, you will immediately deny that.

If you had to combine your understanding of what a fairy tale castle looks like with the lush green utopian understanding of paradise, then you pretty much have the idea of what the resort looks like. There is nothing wrong with spending some of your time on holiday gambling, although what about the children? Never fear, Sun City has you covered.

Your children may forget that you even exist after they enter the picturesque Valley of The Waves. This water theme park has everything to offer, including a number of supertubes of various shapes, sizes and speeds, the lazy river that offers a relaxed tube ride around the perimeter and of course, the ever-popular Wave Pool that releases the perfect wave at set intervals.

Once the family has reunited, head on down to Sun City’s Waterworld lake, where expert instructors are standing by to add to the thrill of your vacation. Learn to water-ski or wakeboard or even get your adrenalin pumping by parasailing around the lake. Once the excitement is over, end the day off with a relaxing sunset lake cruise.