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3 Sizzling Summer Spots For This Year’s Family Vacation

Well summer is almost here again and it is around this time each year when families start looking at where they can go for a well earned summer vacation. Different families seek different things from their vacations, often determined based on how old the kids are but one theme usually runs the same in all family’s ideas of a great vacation, and that is sunshine.

Whether you live somewhere hot or not, there is nothing better than spending your vacations on a beach, basking in the sunshine diving into the sea. If you are stuck with where to go with your family this year then we’ve picked out 3 sizzling spots where you and the family can have a great time.

Corfu, Greece

Of all the Greek islands, Corfu is by far the very best for families, it offers all of the stunning landscapes and scenery which one would expect from a Greek island and there is plenty to do for all ages. In terms of accommodation there are a wide range of family-sized villas across the island in locations like Sidari and Kassiopi as well as plenty of all-inclusive hotels which are fully geared up for family fun. Corfu’s coastline is a paradise of white sands and turquoise water and there is always something going on down on the beach. Because Corfu is one of the most popular destinations for a family vacation, there are lots of other families there too which means that the kids can make new friends and that there is always someone to have a glass of wine with.

Fuengirola, Spain

A long time favorite of families from all over Europe, Fuengirola is a fantastic place for you to to take the kids and relax in comfort in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine. Because this has been a frequent haunt for many a family over the years, the entire resort is fully geared up for kids of all ages and there is plenty going on form kid’s clubs to sporting events which the whole family can get involved in. In terms of accommodation options there are plenty of villas available and if you are looking for a hotel Costa del Sol offers you a wide range of options from all-inclusive to those looking to vacation on a budget.

Agadir, Morocco

Morocco is really starting to get a great name for itself in terms of tourism and Agadir in particular is becoming the perfect place for families to spend their summer vacations. Flights are relatively cheap form most of mainland Europe and the Moroccan culture is one that will interest all of the family. Here you will find busy markets, stunning beaches, beautiful food and of course, blazing sunshine. As each year passes, the resort adds more attractions and days out for tourists of all ages and kids will love the desert camel rides or the water sports which take place across the beaches of Agadir. If you are looking for something a little different this year then why not look into a vacation in Agadir?


Top 4 Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the coolest cities in the World, a beautiful metropolis with rich culture, glorious art and architecture, and locals that welcome you with open arms. Spain has so much to offer tourists when it comes to beaches and sun kissed vacations, but when it comes to city breaks there really is nowhere like Barcelona. If you haven’t been to the Catalan capital yet then I strongly suggest that you go as soon as possible and here are the top 4 things to do when you’re there.

La Sagrada Familia

The architecture of Barcelona was largely influenced by Antoni Gaudi, his masterpiece was the designing of Sagrada Familia, a stunning and intricately designed cathedral that is set for completion in 2021. In spite of its unfinished construction, the cathedral still looks amazing and is well worth visiting. The cathedral is designed in the Gothic style and is filled with small sculptures, artistic indentations and features 4 grand spires on the roof.

La Rambla

The main street in Barcelona is la Rambla, a wide street that goes from the Old Town all the way down to the incredibly modern harbor. One of the best things to do in the city, especially when you first arrive, is to take a coffee or a beer on one of the street bars on la Rambla and watch the people go by. There is always something happening here and in the night the market and food stalls open and the street takes on a different atmosphere entirely.


Nou Camp

If you are able to get to the incredible home of Barcelona FC, the Nou Camp stadium during your time in Barcelona then I cannot recommend it enough. Even non-football fans will be amazed by the atmosphere here as 100,000 pick into the stadium to watch their beloved Barcelona. If you aren’t lucky enough to get there on a match day then football fans can take a tour of the stadium where they will go into the changing rooms and the dugouts before hitting the pitch and finally visiting the football museum, a celebration of all things football, and the perfect place for any fan to indulge in their beloved sport.

Picasso Museum

Barcelona played a very important part in the life of artist Pablo Picasso, it is only right then that they possess would of the largest collections of the late artist’s work. To truly experience the greatness of Picasso you need to see the paintings and sculptures that are on offer in this museum. The museum was actually opened whilst Picasso was alive and he gave it a great deal of his work including sketches and drafts that cannot be seen at any other museum in the World.

I am sure that you will fall in love with this beautiful city, I have been 5 or 6 times and even found myself searching for Barcelona villas for sale the other day, perhaps not to purchase right now but the idea of spending my summers in this awesome city is an idea that I intend to pursue.

Off the Beaten Path Island Destinations

off the beaten path islands

Looking for a picturesque island getaway that is a little off the beaten path? Prefer to relax on a sandy beach all to yourself? Here are a few off the beaten path island destinations that will have have your friends frantically asking you where you took those photos.

The World, Dubai
A manmade island (could have been) paradise off the coast of Dubai is truly unique. This sandy archipelago shaped to mimic the globe’s 7 continents was originally designed to be occupied by both hotels and private homes but ran into trouble in trouble during the 2008 financial crisis. The project was never finished but the bulk of the islands still remain yet only one is occupied. An entire island chain with  just a single home, this is definitely an off the beaten path island destinations. Tours are offered from the Dubai mainland. Oh, did we mention the islands have begun to sink back  into the ocean? Better see them while you can!

Corsica, France
off the beaten path islands
Known for it expansive and truly unique scenery and culture,  Corsica is one of the Mediterranean’s most fascinating islands though it is often overlooked by many tourists. Corsica is known for it breathtaking mountain hikes including the famous GR 20, known as “the toughest long distance trail in Europe.”  The culture of Corsica is worth the trip as well, the cuisine features a unique combination with influences from both Italy and France, as well as their own unique dishes. The wild pigs of Corsica allegedly supply some of the worlds best pork products. Though the majority of the island speaks French, though there is also a large minority of native Corsican speakers. Corsica is also easily accessible with ferries available from online sites. You can check this one by going to visit So if you want a taste of a unique European culture while enjoying some of the Mediterranean’s best outdoors activities, we recommend a trip to Corsica this Spring or Summer.

Koh Mak, Thailand
This island is the definition of an off the beaten path island destination. Located near the Cambodian border in Thailand, Koh Mak is everything you would expect from a jungle island paradise. The white sand beaches have been listed as some of the world’s best, though surprisingly the crowds are few and far between. The island maintains a very traditional way of life based primarily on farming, which makes it unique amongst Thailand’s many tourist centric islands. A typical day off vacationing in Koh Mak would be drinking a coconut on a white sand beach, maybe a bit of snorkeling, followed by some sunset cocktails and a seafood bbq. It doesn’t get much more postcard worthy than this.
So if you want to get away to a paradise make sure you visit some of our favorite off the beaten path island destinations, that feature both privacy and uniqueness. But you better hurry up because these beautiful off the beaten path island destinations are so amazing it is hard to believe they will be off the beaten path for long. Bon Voyage!

What are the best sports to bet on online?

Football is one of the best sports to bet on online ... photo by CC user Rdikeman via

Love sports, but want to juice up the action even more? Below, we discuss the best sports to bet on online…


This one is a no-brainer, as the world’s most beloved and played sport is an excellent sport to wager on when making your first bets online. Whether it’s the United Kingdom or Brazil, the world over loves football

The tight nature of this game, where goals are at a premium at the best of times, makes the process of sweating a match that you have money riding on all the more exciting.

What’s more, there are professional leagues all over the world, making the process of keeping on top of influencing factors challenging for professional bookies.

As a result, when you are live at a Slovenian football match and you have a unique insight on the players that few others would have, pulling out your phone and having a go at sports-betting online will give you a great chance at making some quick Euros while you enjoy a night out with your mates.

American football

The other football, the one the bloody Yanks whose name they insist on appropriating despite their ball resembling an egg more than a spherical object, is a sport that is rife with strategy and complex plays.

While it can devolve into a mind-numbing series of line tackles and quick whistles at its most defensive, there are plenty more moments of inventive plays that open up holes in the field, allowing running backs to sprint towards the end zone with a single-minded purpose, and those of sheer desperation as the clock ticks down.

While all of these moments make more an edge of seat experience for those that are betting on the score going one way or another, those that are into more exotic bets are in for a treat, as American football has been picked apart by statisticians, thereby opening up an endless series of stats to place an over/under bet upon.

Ice hockey

Well loved by the hardy inhabitants of Canada, the Northern USA and Scandinavia, ice hockey is a dazzling display of athleticism and physical brutality, demonstrated in tandem by tough players on skates.

With a touch more offense than your average football game, but with faster action and all the punishment one would expect on a rugby or American football pitch, betting on this sport will take an outstanding experience and make it an unforgettable evening.

With many games turning on a dime due to penalties, the emotion of teams and the crowd, or via something as innocuous as a deep rut in the ice causing the puck to skip in an unexpected manner, you’ll be holding on to your couch cushion at many moments throughout a typical hockey match.

Around the coast: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those few cities in the world that is blessed with everything from architecture, art, culture, great food and a beautiful coast, that although now is one of the most populated sub-urban zones in Portugal it most definitely still retains the best chilled and relaxed beach holiday atmosphere.

Here are a few suggestions on what to look out for and what to do whether you’re planning a road trip along the ‘linha’ as it is referred to by the locals, or looking for the best beach to chill on your next holiday in Lisbon.

Estoril Casino

The Estoril Casino is one of the better gambling palaces in the Lisbon area


The heart of the entertainment in Estoril, the casino, also the biggest in Europe offers more than just gaming tables and slot machines. The restaurants are of exceptional quality whilst the complex boasts of an art-gallery with regular exhibitions, a theatre with a full-on calendar and also a club in case you want to kick back on a few cocktails and a dance.

Cabo de Roca

This is one for your ‘been there, done that’ bucket list as it is the westernmost point of mainland Europe. Cabo de Roca is a spectacular cliff top location marked by a lighthouse. Make sure you dress appropriately as temperatures and winds are rather unpredictable here and it can get really cold really quickly in comparison to the city.


Cascais is a remarkable place with quite a few idyllic spots to indulge in. Make your way towards the Citadela de Cascais, a fortified city that now houses several upmarket boutiques, a hotel and a few restaurants too.


Golf I hear you say? Yes golf. The Lisbon coast is chock-full of golf courses, in fact there are 8 in total, so if you’re planning your next golf trip with your friends, well then the Lisbon coast should be on your priority list. Check out the courses of Penha Longa or Oitavos in the Quinta da Marinha.



To visit Lisbon and not go to Sintra would be a big mistake. Portuguese Kings chose this place as their preferred summer retreat location and for good reason. No spoilers, you’ll see why when you get to this lovely hill town set on the northern slopes of the Serra.



Make sure you don’t overlook the Monserrate gardens. A mix of exotic, natural and artificial elements are the order of the day here, and you can easily grasp the Moorish, Indian and Gothic influences in both the architecture of the palace within and also in the pastiche of diverse elements the garden itself is made of.