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How Busy People Can Shop Smart

Between summer time travels, trips to the local ice cream shop, festivals, carnivals, amusement parks, dining out, and everything else that summer welcomes us with it is difficult to shop smart. It truly is hard to be a good shopper when you are living with a hectic schedule. According to a money article on U.S. News, planning ahead of time with a plan will help you to save money and prevent you from over buying. When you don’t have a lot of time to begin with, having a plan will save you a lot of money.

In another article, taking just a few steps can free up some of your time when you seem to never have the time you need to get what you need to get done. Some of the life hacks include: finding the best route to work, setting up auto pay on your bills, find shopping apps to make shopping go by quicker, learn to speed read, find quick ways to make great meals, learn to get a good workout in just 30 minutes per day and clean your house for 15 minutes everyday. Just because you are busy traveling this season does not mean that you can not save money by becoming a smart shopper.

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5 Things You Have to Do While Visiting Jakarta

do while visiting Jakarta

Planning a trip to Indonesia? Don’t miss out on the capitol city of Java. Located on the west coast of the big island; Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and one of the largest in the world. Famous for its hustle and bustle, here are 4 things you have to do while visiting Jakarta.

Cool Off at Waterbom
Jakarta is known for its unbearable heat but a trip to the massive Waterbom Waterpark can make the heat far more bearable.  With huge tube slides, a lazy river, and even some wild speed slides; Waterbom is one of the coolest things to do while visiting Jakarta. Whether you are traveling with friends or with the family, a day at Waterbom is a must.

do while visiting JakartaMake Sense of Indonesian History at the National Museum
Indonesia’s long history and multiple islands, languages, and cultures can confuse many first time visitors. A good way to get a handle on this fascinating culture is to check out the world renowned National Museum of Indonesia in Jakarta. The museum has an impressive collection of artifacts that run the full gamut of Indonesian history making it a must do while visiting Jakarta.

Get Stuck in Traffic
A city world renowned for its traffic jams, there is nothing more quintessentially Jakartan  than being in a multi-hour traffic jam. So we recommend you get a friendly english speaking taxi driver, make sure the a/c is working and prepare for a slow paced tour of the city. Often times your hotel can help you sort this out, such as the Hotel Mulia or many more found on sites like

do while visiting JakartaEat Your Way Through a Market
Jakarta is known world wide for it’s incredible food scene and some of the best (and most bizarre food) in Jakarta can be at outdoor markets. One of our favorites is Pasar Baru, a collection of shops, stalls, malls, and restaurants. Bring a group of friends and sample any food that smells good (which will be a lot!) Satay, is one of the most well known dishes worldwide, while it looks like just meat on a stick, once you try it you will be an instant addict. Another favorite is Chinese influenced meat filled dumplings: Bakpao. If you are feeling hungrier, go for the stick to your ribs Indonesian classic: Rendang, this curried beef dish will leave you wanting more. Don’t forgot your dessert, a popular sweet in Jakarta is Murtabak, sort of a stuffed pancakes with sweet fillings ranging from eggs to Nutella. So eating your way through the streets is definitely something you have to do while visiting Jakarta.

While there are hundreds of other activities to keep you busy in this mega-city, I hope our list of must dos while visiting Jakarta provides some good inspiration for your next trip. So prepare for the heat, the crowds, the friendly people, the traffic, and most of all the delicious food; and you will have an unforgettable time in Jakarta.



Business Meetings in Tokyo – A Run Down

Japan is home to a culture that prides itself on tradition, hard work and courtesy. As a result, business meetings are incredibly important and few deals are sealed without a face-to-face in one of the many meeting rooms in Tokyo.

However, as with many occasions in Japan, meetings aren’t without their ceremony and businessmen hoping to build new and profitable relationships should be aware of the importance of business etiquette when attending meetings in Japan. Here are a few tips for you.


When entering one of the many meeting rooms in Tokyo it’s important to remember that you should always greet the most senior member of the delegation first.

Both corporate hierarchy and age seniority are taken very seriously in Japan, so try to identify the oldest and most senior businessmen in the room as quickly as possible.

meeting room palace tokyo hoteldining at palce hotel tokyo



Even when held in luxurious Marunouchi hotels, the seating arrangements at Japanese meetings are very important.

In general, the most senior person present will sit at the head of the table furthest from the door. The next most senior will sit either side with the rank decreasing the further down the table you go.

As a western person attending business events in Tokyo, it’s a good idea to wait until someone directs you where to sit. Try to ensure that you’re not the first to sit down and that you are never the only one seated at any one time as this can also be considered a little rude.


Pay attention

When attending events in meeting rooms in Tokyo, it’s very important to pay attention, look interested throughout and ensure you listen carefully to input from everyone present.

Asking questions, taking notes and repeating ideas are all good ways to show that you’re engaged in the meeting.

Gift giving

Though it is not obligatory, it’s not uncommon for gifts to be given during meetings. If you receive a gift from your Japanese counterparts, make sure you clearly show your appreciation for it and thank everyone involved in its presentation.

If the gift is wrapped, wait until you have left the meeting before unwrapping it.

Following proper procedure during events in meeting rooms in Tokyo will help your Japanese business dealings to go more smoothly.

Japanese businessmen will appreciate the effort you have put into familiarising yourself with their culture and traditions, something that is guaranteed to improve their perception of you and make it more likely your business proposals will meet with success.


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Top Places to learn Portuguese in Brazil

Cosmopolitan Sao Paulo is one of the best places to learn Portuguese in Brazil ...  photo by CC user julioboaro on Flickr

Occupying a massive chink of the South American continent, Brazil and its 200 million people have become one of the most significant nations on Earth in the 21st century. Without a doubt, it has become one of the world’s most powerful Portuguese speaking nations, as desperate young people from the mother country have fled their economically destitute land in search of opportunity here.

Others, like you dear traveler, often come seeking some of the best parties, surfing beaches, and jungle environments on the planet. Unlike the rest of Latin America though, this nation speaks Portuguese, a language related to Spanish, but with a number of fundamental differences.

So while you might be ready to book your flight on TAM, you don’t quite know where a great place to study Portuguese in Brazil might be. To help you solve this conundrum, we have uncovered three cities that are perfect for this purpose.

Find out which suits your personality best and once you do, start packing and prepare for the learning opportunity of a lifetime!

1) Belo Horizonte

Located in the midst of historic Midas Gerais state, Belo Horizonte is a great place for those that want to discover the wealth of colonial architecture that lies in smaller towns and cities on days off from their studies. Located well away from larger centers like Rio and Sao Paulo, very few people here speak even basic English, making an excellent environment for immersing yourself in Portuguese 24/7.

Those that are fans of modern architecture will love this place, as Belo is a planned city founded in the 1890’s, meaning that most of its growth has occurred in the past century.

2) Florianopolis

Want to combine your love of the beach and surfing with learning Portuguese? If so, then Florianopolis will make for an excellent base for your learning efforts. It is said that immersion has its greatest success when you learn vocabulary that is centered around your interests, so when you go to hit the waves, limit your interactions with fellow English speaking foreigners, and surf with the locals.

Not only will you learn to speak Portuguese faster, you’ll pick up the local knowledge of the best surf breaks, leading to experiences that travelers passing through can only dream about!

3) São Paulo

If you are a fan of large cities, but the touristy vibe of Rio de Janeiro rubs you the wrong way, then São Paulo will prove to be an excellent option for you. Being a big learning center within Brazil, there are many native Brazilians that are looking to learn English as they earn their degree.

This presents an opportunity for a cultural exchange that will allow them to teach you Portuguese, in exchange for helping them with their English. As for the city itself, São Paulo is known as one of Brazil’s leading centers for arts and culture.

This means that there will be no shortage of museums and galleries to explore, making this place heaven on Earth for the cultured among us.