Discover Sydney’s Countryside: Top Things To Do In Hunter Valley, NSW

There are many top things to do in Hunter Valley, with simple sightseeing being one of the first activities you'll undertake...

If you want to fuel your stay in New South Wales in Australia then you better experience the top things to do in Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley is famous for its picturesque sights, fine-looking national parks, exciting and fun activities and appealing townships. Hunter Valley is also known as a wine district and is a perfect place to explore especially for wine connoisseurs.

One of the interesting and top things to do in Hunter Valley is its Back to Back Wool Challenge. Such event is a time-bounded competition to shave the sheep and then weave the jumper. During this event you’ll also take pleasure and several short term training and a lot of keepsakes and crafts for merchandising.

Food and drinks are offered for the whole day too to make your experience more accommodating. So what are you waiting for? Shave the sheep now; twist the threads and weave a jumper in an 8-hour challenge.

The Winter Art Bazaar is definitely another interesting affair to attend in Hunter Valley. The Art Bazaar is Hunter Valley’s leading creative and artistic market which offers first-class hand-created stuffs from more a great deal of Hunter Arts Network of passionate artists, taking pride for their aesthetic art pieces, jewelleries, accessories, photographs, kitchen wares, figurines and a whole lot more. There are also free art lessons during Sundays conducted for kids for varied ages, art demos and refreshments.

This mesmerizing occasion in Gardens Chocolate Festival will undeniably engross all the chocolate lovers out there to take note of this event. Hunter Valley Gardens Chocolate Festival will allow you to take on a chocolate encounter that you will forever treasure while you take pleasure participating in enjoyable activities and knowledge enthused by chocolate.

This festival will enlighten, astonish, enrich and amuse you in more ways than one. Indeed, it is a sweet escapade that each one deserves to earn even just for awhile and is without a doubt one of the top things to do in Hunter Valley

Take a glimpse into history through the Peek into the Past event of Hunter Valley. Peek into the Past is a quaint outing not just for the entire family but for groups of friends as well, enabling an entire day of excitement and reminiscence at Tocal Homestead in Paterson. Visit and witness the handiness and work of art of the past being illustrated right through the heritage centre.

Top Reasons To Visit Saigon

Its vibrant skyline is just one of the top reasons to visit Saigon.  Its culture, history and nightlife comprise many of the rest!

Frequented by hundreds of tourists every year, the top reasons to visit Saigon has maintained its charm and allure on travellers from all over the globe.

If you are one of those whose curiosity has been piqued by the mere mention of Saigon in one of the most iconic Broadway musicals in the 90’s (or has just watched one too many travel ads about Ho Chi Minh City, as it is now called) maybe these top reasons to visit Saigon will give you the affirmation you seek if you’re contemplating on flying hundreds of miles for that Saigon experience.

Historical Landmarks

Are you a big history geek?  Or is colonial architectures your most favourite subject?  Saigon’s city core has a lot of French colonial architectures dating back to 1800’s, during Vietnam’s colonization by France.  The most notable structure in the city is the Reunification Palace, the site where the Vietnam War ended.  And just a stone’s throw away is the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, which was once the residence of high ranking French colonial officers.

Another remarkable historical landmark is the Cu Chi tunnels in the Cu Chi district.  The tunnels were very pivotal to the victory of the Viet Cong against the American Forces as it provided them with strategic hiding spots as well as access to food, medicine and weaponry.

But the historical landmarks mentioned above are only the tip of the ice berg.  There are so many colonial structures and museums to explore in Saigon to appease the history buff in you.

Active nightlife

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is a party animal’s heaven, making it one of the top reasons to visit Saigon.  With its numerous cinemas and theaters and a wide array of night clubs, bars and restobars, Saigon is fast becoming one of South East Asia’s hippest place to be.


Noone else celebrates the Lunar New Year (or Tet, as the Vietnamese call it) with a bigger bang than the people of Ho Chi Minh City.  As this spectacular festival draws in closer, Ho Chi Minh City becomes alive with so many lights and an entire street closed off for flower displays.

Special Vietnamese delicacies are also served during Tet, such as Banh Chung or a mixture of glutinous rice, mung beans and pork covered with banana leaves.  These are often offered at shrines and temples for good luck, good health and prosperity.  One must never leave Ho Chi Minh City without trying out this delicacy.