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How to Budget for Your Vacation

piggy bank for travel

At some pinnacle in your life, you want to move, put everything away in storage and get away to a nice place and put everything behind you. A vacation is an event that many people dream of and plan about for their whole lives. The secret to actualizing your dream vacation is to budget. Cutting on costs and expenses and adopting the habit of saving, is the easiest way to actualizing a vacation without incurring debt. According to GVK accounting in Vancouver, Timely preparation for the vacation allows for a person to budget ahead of travelling. The budget should contain an estimated financial overview of transport, accommodation, food, and other miscellaneous expenses.

piggy bank for travel

Making a Budget

The first step is to start saving the money you have, and then plan on how long you intend to save the money depending on how much you want to spend. Deciding on vacation destinations provides estimation for how much money will be spent. After deciding on the destination, research the region, giving focus to an estimated cost of food, accommodation, transport, and miscellaneous expenses depending on how long you intend to stay. Create a category for all expenses expected to be incurred and allocate funds. This will reduce any wastage of money; help reduce costs and prevent indulging into impulsive money spending. Allocation of money for expenses can be carried out by use of software that allows for easy manipulation of figures. Finally, research on any special rates provided to help reduce the spending.


Budgeting of a vacation involves saving money, identifying a destination, and allocating funds to estimate expenses. A budget helps prevent wastage of money and impulsive spending. Including a miscellaneous category in your budget prepares a person for any eventualities and helps them keep within the estimated cost. Gathering information on the destination helps identify cost effective places that can fit the financial plan. Making a budget helps identify a saving plan that can afford you that vacation you have always wanted.

Simple Tips to Save Money on a House Move

House move is a stressful process that requires detailed planning and complete dedication. The easiest way to make moving less stressful is to hire professional movers. By entrusting your house move to a reliable moving company, you will avoid a number of difficulties. However, many people are concerned about high rates charged by movers.  Here are a few practical recommendations that will help save money with a moving company.

First of all, you need to understand that cheap movers are not always the best. Unfortunately, many cheap companies are not able to provide good services, so when choosing one of such companies you risk to face lots of difficulties. So, whether you’re moving to travel, a better house (hopefully not a worse house) or just for a change, here are some tips to help you get on the move!


Compare Moving Companies

Each moving company offers different services and has different rates. Thus, to get the best services for your money, it is necessary to compare several moving companies. Quote to several companies offering moving services in your area and get information about the services they offer and rates they charge. To get accurate quotes, be specific about the services you require. Also, pay attention to the company’s experience and reputation.

Hourly Rate

Most movers charge an hourly rate. Thus, to get a better idea of how much you’ll eventually pay, it is recommended to calculate how much time you may need to complete the whole process. When calculating this time, make sure you consider packing, loading and unloading. It is also advisable adding a few hours for unexpected events. If you want to lessen moving expenses, you can pack stuff yourself. When packing yourself, you save the moving company’s time and your money.

Weight Rate

When moving from state to state, moving rates usually depend on the weight of the transported items. Consequently, the fewer items you have, the less expensive your house move will be. Simply get rid of things you can do without.


Moving companies are very busy during holidays, weekend and on Fridays. In other words, these are the most expensive periods for a move. You will get better deals if you time the moving during off days, for example in the middle of the week or on Monday. Discounts are also offered in June and July.

There are lots of companies offering affordable moving rates. So, your task is to look for such companies. — movers in San Francisco — is one of the best moving companies on the market. It provides superior services and favourable rates. Ask for a free quote and you will see that you can get excellent moving services that are within your budget.



Parking Options in UK Airports – A Wide Variety!

parking at the airport

There’s no denying that airport parking is a convenient way for travelers to avoid the hassles of trying to persuade friends to drive them to the terminal. Most of the airports in the UK offer multiple parking options to suit all sorts of preferences. Scotland’s Aberdeen Airport has two notable car parks with fast transfers and fairly cheap rates. For instance, you can park at Aberdeen Airpark for eight days for only £35; the Aberdeen Airpark has an average transfer time of five minutes after checking in at reception. The Long Stay car park is slightly costlier than the Aberdeen Airpark at £41.80 for eight days, although the average transfer time is a bit faster at two minutes. It’s also worth noting that the Aberdeen Airpark and the Long Stay car park have received Park Mark status, which means both facilities have been inspected by UK police and vetted by the British Parking Association (BPA).

parking at the airport

West Sussex-based Gatwick Airport offers four different parking options spread across its North and South Terminals. The North Terminal offers a Long Stay self-parking space where you take your keys with you once you’ve parked up. Additionally, the North Terminal has a Summer Special parking space (which actually operates year round) that serves as Gatwick Airport’s valet parking option. Meanwhile, the South Terminal also offers a Long Stay self-parking space similar to the one in the North Terminal. Moreover, the South Terminal offers a Long Stay Plus option, where you leave your car and keys in the reception area to be parked by an official driver. UK parking service company also describes a fifth option called the Short Stay car park which is conveniently situated between Gatwick Airport’s North and South Terminals.

Bedfordshire, England’s Luton Airport currently offers short-, mid- and long-term parking options. The short-term parking space is free of charge to travelers who’ve driven to the airport on a motorcycle. The mid-term parking space is only two minutes away from the terminal through the free, 24-hour shuttle bus. The long-term parking space is only 10 minutes from the airport, in addition to having its own free, 24-hour shuttle bus. Notably, both the short- and mid-term parking spaces offer dedicated slots for disabled travelers.

Top Tourist Attractions In Eritrea

There are many top tourist attractions in Eritrea waiting to be discovered by intrepid travelers!

Despite the ongoing border disputes with Ethiopia, the top tourist attractions in Eritrea has still rewarded travellers brave enough to visit this country in the horn of Africa.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Eritrea:

Sheikh Hanafi Mosque.  Located in the centre of the “Square of Fire”, this half a millennium old mosque was built to in memory of Sheikh Hanafi, one of Eritrea’s most influential people.  This mosque’s stuccowork courtyard is a great place to take a stroll, and its interiors are equally magnificent highlighted by a chandelier made of Murano glass.

Dankalia.  While this desert strip may virtually not have any sign of life, save for some scattered vegetation, Dankalia is still one of the top tourist attractions in Eritrea for two reasons:  the ethereal landscape made of volcanic craters and isolated clumps of mountains, and the hardy, nomadic tribe, the Afar people.

Qohaito Ruins.  Qohaito Ruins was widely believed to be the remainder of the once bustling commercial centre of the Aksumite Kingdom.  The ruins feature interesting infrastructures, such as the temple of Mariam Wakiro and the sandstone tomb.

Nearby, you can also spot the rock art sites in the Adi Alauti Cave.

Massawa.  The interesting mix of Art Deco, Moorish and Italian architecture makes Massawa a more attractive destination than the country’s capital Asmara.  While you’re there, take a tour around the city and admire the diverse architecture you can find around the city.

Scuba Diving.  The Red Sea has a rich marine flora and fauna which are yet to be exploited by a lot of divers from all over the world.  The Red Sea’s coral reefs, especially those found in the waters near the coast of Eritrea are unspoilt and undamaged, and are teeming with marine wildlife.

In addition, the coral reef in the Red Sea is hardy and resilient, which means this underwater paradise will remain pristine for a long time provided Eritrea’s government, its countrymen and the tourists alike will exert great effort to keep the coral reef free from damage and pollution.

What’s So Fabulous About Fuerteventura?

Morro Jable beach in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is often associated with adjectives like ‘fabulous’ or ‘fantastic’, and to regular visitors, that’s no surprise. But to those who aren’t in the know, the question still remains: what’s so fabulous (or fantastic) about holidays in Fuerteventura?

The answer is, plenty! For starters, as holiday destinations go, Fuerteventura has the advantage of being a year-round haunt. It’s part of the ever-popular Canary Islands, an archipelago cast out into the Atlantic Ocean not far from the coast of West Africa.

Come in summer for scorching temperatures with a refreshing coastal breeze, or opt for a visit during Christmas or the New Year for a winter warmer, when the temperatures are often pleasant enough for a t-shirt and cardigan.

So that’s the climate sewn up. But what about things to do? That all depends on where you go, but when it comes to holidays in Fuerteventura; you can certainly expect to find some fantastic beaches. In fact, Fuerteventura is renowned for being the ‘quiet’ island.

Compared to its livelier neighbours of Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura is a relatively laid-back affair which makes for a cracking beach break. It’s home to some fantastic beaches, where mile upon mile of golden sands glitter under cloudless blue skies, and the refreshing coastal breeze and cool chill of the Atlantic offers a welcome respite from the sizzling Canarian sunshine.

In Corralejo you’ll find a popular resort with fantastic beaches and a water park, along with plenty of watersports and family-friendly activities. Then there’s Costa Caleta, which offers a sheltered bay with calm areas for little paddling feet.

Jandia is another popular resort, which is a great spot for water sports enthusiasts and offers a superb range of accommodation with a number of luxury hotels. Take a look at Thomas Cook’s Fuerteventura offering. As you’ll see, there are plenty of cracking resorts to choose from and a long list of things to see and do.

Still wondering why holidays in Fuerteventura are fabulous? Perhaps you need to get over there and find out for yourself…