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Top Tourist Attractions In Berkshire

The many charming houses in this rural area count strongly towards being one of the top tourist attractions in Berkshire

The top attractions in Berkshire represent a unique beauty at the heartland of United Kingdom. This county is located west of London and a territory known for its natural rural and suburban topography. It is interesting to note that Berkshire is one of the well preserved areas in United Kingdom with a relatively few population in it.

The mere fact that this place has a suffix “shire” meant that it is a non-metropolitan territory. Non-metropolitan areas in United Kingdom are renowned for their cleanliness and natural splendor. It is not surprising to find this quieter place to be a favorite location for tourists to be due to the availability of recreational homes. Berkshire has many of the interesting landmarks that are steeped in historical tradition.

1. Eton College

Our tourist began his or her journey in this English heartland by visiting Eton College. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Berkshire because of its importance in establishing the academic traditions of United Kingdom in medieval times.

Our tourist now learns that this public school was founded by Henry VII, the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I herself. It is interesting to note that Henry VII is considered an important fosterer of education in a time when such an element is society was controlled by the elites and the clergy.

2. Bisham Abbey

Learning about the history of the Tudors brought our tourist to the question of how unique is England’s Christianity than most countries in Western Europe. Now our tourist heads toward another iconic religious landmark, the Bisham Abbey.

The historical manor house was once owned by a powerful Catholic military order called Knights of the Templar until King Edward II took it during the order’s controversial worldwide suppression. Now it has excellent recreational amenities geared towards athletics. Our tourist, probably inspired by the tales of the Templar Knights’ physical proficiency, decides to work out.

3. Highclere Castle

After a fulfilling work out in Bisham Abbey and trying out their sauna when he or she is cooling down, our tourist now heads to another of the top tourist attractions in Berkshire. The Highclere Castle is one of the oldest palaces in the heart of United Kingdom and is now currently under renovation.

It is interesting to note that this castle is home to the famous 5th Earl of Carnarvon named George Herbert. He is the inspiration to every Victorian Egyptologist adventurer and was famous for the assistance of discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun. Now this castle houses a variety of ancient Egyptian relics.

4. Legoland Windsor

Our tourist has now quenched his or her quest for physical and academic education. Now it is time to visit the lighter side of Berkshire. The Legoland is a perfect place for tourists to entertain their childlike fascination, especially those who were playful kids in the 90’s. It is an interesting place to see lots and lots of gleeful children as well.

Top Things To Know About Visiting Vienna

Schönnbrunn Palace ranks as one of the best places to see when visiting Vienna

The top things to know about visiting Vienna are so tightly knit that you can explore all of them in less than a week, just like the destinations in the land. How long it actually takes you depend on your pace. That said, you will have more time and money to explore the rest of Austria or perhaps, Europe.

Vienna is in Austria which shares a northern border with Germany. The attractions in Vienna bring in more tourists every year. From an old picturesque city, Vienna is quickly transitioning to become a major tourist hub. It is mainly a destination for sightseeing though the city is also known for its active nightlife and cuisine.

One of the top things to know about visiting Vienna is that they have rich history and beautiful architecture. Schönnbrunn Palace is one. The imperial palace and surrounding garden reflects the tastes and aspirations of the Habsburg monarchy. After all, it had been their summer residence for several centuries. It features Rococo-style architecture and more than 1,400 rooms.

The palace is fronted by wide open space consisting of French-styled, English-styled, and botanical gardens. Sculptures of deities and virtues line the Great Parterre, the garden between the palace and Sun Fountain. Schönnbrunn Palace also has a zoo which happens to be the world’s oldest. The zoo has a blend of modern architecture and the design of an 18th century menagarie from Versailles. Known as Tiergarten Schönnbrunn, the zoo is one of reasons why tourists go back in Vienna.

Another historical spot is the Albertina Museum. The main attraction of the museum is a print room; one of the largest and most important in this world. About 65,000 drawings, a million old master prints, modern graphics, photos, and architectural art are displayed at Albertina’s print room. More recently, the museum expanded its collection to Impressionist art and creations from the early 20th century. You might want to check out their temporary exhibits as well.

Another is the Hofburg Palace. The Habsburg monarchy also lived here but only during winter. It was their preferred residence at this time of the year. The Hofburg Palace also became home to other influential people in later years. Today, it is one of the attractions in Vienna. Centuries after its construction, the Hofburg Palace was expanded to include a chapel, museums, library, riding school, horse stable, residential homes, and the Hofburg Congress Center. Several architects have worked on the building and expansion of Hofburg Palace.

Another sure count among the top things to know about visiting Vienna is that they have astonishing amusement park, the Wiener Riesenrad. It is a giant Ferris wheel located at the entryway of the Prater amusement park. It was one of the world’s earliest-built Ferris wheels. Wiener Riesenrad was erected in 1897 and originally had 30 gondolas. After extensive damage during the World War II, only 15 gondolas were replaced.