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Save big when you lose weight with Groupon

If you're looking to lose weight no doubt you've already tried various kinds of diets and training regimes to get yourself in shape. Visiting a weight loss clinic is also an option, although it can be expensive for many people. Nonetheless, if you really are determined to lose weight, we may have found something you'll be interested in. Check out Groupon's new wellness, health and beauty section and you'll find a whole bunch of great deals on everything from weight loss classes to liposuction

Groupon now integrates discount vouchers with business listings

Groupon used to steal the headlines with its deal-a-day coupons and vouchers at one time, but its old business model has failed to capture the imagination in recent years, causing the company to find new ways to sell its bargain deals. If you check out the site now, you'll see Groupon has become a kind of alternative Yellow Pages, providing highly detailed business listings on its site. Not only that, but Groupon is still offering its discount coupons and vouchers. The special deals are all integrated