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What are the best sports to bet on online?

Football is one of the best sports to bet on online ... photo by CC user Rdikeman via wikipedia.org

Love sports, but want to juice up the action even more? Below, we discuss the best sports to bet on online…


This one is a no-brainer, as the world’s most beloved and played sport is an excellent sport to wager on when making your first bets online. Whether it’s the United Kingdom or Brazil, the world over loves football

The tight nature of this game, where goals are at a premium at the best of times, makes the process of sweating a match that you have money riding on all the more exciting.

What’s more, there are professional leagues all over the world, making the process of keeping on top of influencing factors challenging for professional bookies.

As a result, when you are live at a Slovenian football match and you have a unique insight on the players that few others would have, pulling out your phone and having a go at sports-betting online will give you a great chance at making some quick Euros while you enjoy a night out with your mates.

American football

The other football, the one the bloody Yanks whose name they insist on appropriating despite their ball resembling an egg more than a spherical object, is a sport that is rife with strategy and complex plays.

While it can devolve into a mind-numbing series of line tackles and quick whistles at its most defensive, there are plenty more moments of inventive plays that open up holes in the field, allowing running backs to sprint towards the end zone with a single-minded purpose, and those of sheer desperation as the clock ticks down.

While all of these moments make more an edge of seat experience for those that are betting on the score going one way or another, those that are into more exotic bets are in for a treat, as American football has been picked apart by statisticians, thereby opening up an endless series of stats to place an over/under bet upon.

Ice hockey

Well loved by the hardy inhabitants of Canada, the Northern USA and Scandinavia, ice hockey is a dazzling display of athleticism and physical brutality, demonstrated in tandem by tough players on skates.

With a touch more offense than your average football game, but with faster action and all the punishment one would expect on a rugby or American football pitch, betting on this sport will take an outstanding experience and make it an unforgettable evening.

With many games turning on a dime due to penalties, the emotion of teams and the crowd, or via something as innocuous as a deep rut in the ice causing the puck to skip in an unexpected manner, you’ll be holding on to your couch cushion at many moments throughout a typical hockey match.

A Truly Regal Scottish Destination: Top Reasons To Visit Melrose

Melrose Abbey: easily one of the top reasons to visit Melrose

Every traveler should think about the many top reasons to visit Melrose if one ever includes Scotland in their bucket list. Melrose is a little town in Scotland that is known for its wonderful history and culture.

One of the top reasons to visit Melrose is to see the astounding architecture from well back in the old times. It is in Melrose that that Melrose Abbey (one of Scotland’s most visited travel destinations) is found. Melrose Abbey is a monastic ruin that has beautiful structural design carved from stone quarried from the surrounding area.

Historically, it is in this place that the corpse of Robert the Bruce (who was one of the Kings of Scotland) was buried. Thus, you can find graveyards in the abbey. It has also museums which contains many artifacts from which tourists can learn much of the history from the life and times of this important figure in Scottish history. The place is absolutely tranquil and serene. The ruins truly add splendor to the entire view and experience of the town of Melrose. In Melrose Abbey, tourists will actually be educated on one of the more important places in the nation, making it worth a visit.

Another wonderful architecturally beautiful building which is found in Melrose is the Abbotsford House. This is the house of the famous writer Walter Scott, one which he designed himself. He made the house out of bricks and it is said that once you touch the walls, you can definitely feel the presence of Scott, since he put all his heart in making the architecture.

Now, in the present times, the house is preserved as a dedication to him. The house is surrounded with beautiful gardens. Tourists are welcome to have a tour of the house. throughout the course of the year.

An additional inclusion in the list of top reasons to visit Melrose is to witness the spectacular view of the town of Melrose. This can be done through hiking all the way through trails that are recommended for families, friends and couples. This trail is called St. Cuthberts Way.

Tourists will experience a one kilometer hike from Scottish countryside going to the coast. The trail has variety of paths and as you walk through, you will see beautiful and varied views which are highly pleasing and spectacular. This is a place which encompasses various destinations in the countryside such as the Melrose Abbey. Experiencing this unique tour in a good climate with wonderful companies is in itself rewarding.

Country biking is also one of the top reasons to visit Melrose. In taking the journey to the borders, tourists can absolutely have a view of the entire land from the road. You will see the countryside and the rivers. You will also find beautiful examples of architectures throughout your journey, as well as many historical sites.

You can see several fairytale castles, state homes and historical towns which will wow the tourists, transporting them back to an older, more beautiful time when the blight of modern development had not yet scarred the land. Along your trip, you will also find beautiful tea houses and restaurants which serve delicious Scottish cuisines, as well as shops which sell local knitted handicrafts which they are famous for producing. They are also known for sweets such as fudges, caramels and candies, so be sure to try some before heading home after your wonderful trip to Melrose, Scotland.

Enjoying The Top Tourist Attractions In York, England


Visiting the top tourist attractions in York is probably the greatest itinerary decision when tourism in England is centered on cultural sightseeing. This city has a very rich heritage which serves as an important arena for important political events in England throughout 2000 years of its existence. York was founded by Romans during 71 AD, and once called Eboracum which soon became the capital of the Roman province of Britannia Inferior (territories outside London).

During the medieval times it became a commercial and ecclesiastical center, the ideal place for wool industry and the Anglican Church to thrive. It is interesting to note that New York City’s namesake was taken from the victorious Duke of York who took the island of New Amsterdam from the Dutch.

1. National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, of the top tourist attractions in York. It is the city’s only recognized National Museum after winning many accolades from various tourism authorities. From the earliest steam trams to the latest Japanese bullet trains, this museum features the entire glorious transition of the railway system all over the world. Most importantly, visitation is free and no entrance fee is required.

2. York City Walls

The York City Walls have existed throughout the span of two millennia ever since the Romans built this 2-mile length coverage fortification. Of all the ancient walls in United Kingdom, only in York can one find excellent preservation that has even kept the gateway in good condition. The York City Walls have been under the care of three important periods in Britain’s ancient history – Roman, Viking and Medieval times.

3. The Shambles

The Shambles is one of the most interesting districts in York. Passing through this street let’s one experience what it’s like to travel back in late medieval times and recognize the face of urbanization in that area. The Shambles was once lined with butcher shops and wet market stalls – an unpleasant venue to visit. Now it is one of England’s most popular shopping streets due to its stark historical atmosphere.

4. The Jorvik Viking Center

As mentioned before, York has a deep history with its Viking conquerors. Anyone interested to study and investigate further this part of United Kingdom’s ancient history should preferably visit the Jorvik Viking Center. This museum is named after one of the Viking kingdoms in York. The Viking Festival is held every second week of February, where one can experience combat reenactments in a form of a fencing tournament with volunteers as the main participants.

5. Merchant Adventure’s Hall

The Merchant Adventure’s Hall is among the top tourist attractions in York that symbolizes how powerful middle class commoners can be during medieval times. It was built in 1357 by a group of individuals known as Guild of Our Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary. This merchant guild house also has a basement cellar serving as the alms storage for the poor.

Parking Options in UK Airports – A Wide Variety!

parking at the airport

There’s no denying that airport parking is a convenient way for travelers to avoid the hassles of trying to persuade friends to drive them to the terminal. Most of the airports in the UK offer multiple parking options to suit all sorts of preferences. Scotland’s Aberdeen Airport has two notable car parks with fast transfers and fairly cheap rates. For instance, you can park at Aberdeen Airpark for eight days for only £35; the Aberdeen Airpark has an average transfer time of five minutes after checking in at reception. The Long Stay car park is slightly costlier than the Aberdeen Airpark at £41.80 for eight days, although the average transfer time is a bit faster at two minutes. It’s also worth noting that the Aberdeen Airpark and the Long Stay car park have received Park Mark status, which means both facilities have been inspected by UK police and vetted by the British Parking Association (BPA).

parking at the airport

West Sussex-based Gatwick Airport offers four different parking options spread across its North and South Terminals. The North Terminal offers a Long Stay self-parking space where you take your keys with you once you’ve parked up. Additionally, the North Terminal has a Summer Special parking space (which actually operates year round) that serves as Gatwick Airport’s valet parking option. Meanwhile, the South Terminal also offers a Long Stay self-parking space similar to the one in the North Terminal. Moreover, the South Terminal offers a Long Stay Plus option, where you leave your car and keys in the reception area to be parked by an official driver. UK parking service company www.parking4less.com also describes a fifth option called the Short Stay car park which is conveniently situated between Gatwick Airport’s North and South Terminals.

Bedfordshire, England’s Luton Airport currently offers short-, mid- and long-term parking options. The short-term parking space is free of charge to travelers who’ve driven to the airport on a motorcycle. The mid-term parking space is only two minutes away from the terminal through the free, 24-hour shuttle bus. The long-term parking space is only 10 minutes from the airport, in addition to having its own free, 24-hour shuttle bus. Notably, both the short- and mid-term parking spaces offer dedicated slots for disabled travelers.

Top Tourist Attractions In Berkshire

The many charming houses in this rural area count strongly towards being one of the top tourist attractions in Berkshire

The top attractions in Berkshire represent a unique beauty at the heartland of United Kingdom. This county is located west of London and a territory known for its natural rural and suburban topography. It is interesting to note that Berkshire is one of the well preserved areas in United Kingdom with a relatively few population in it.

The mere fact that this place has a suffix “shire” meant that it is a non-metropolitan territory. Non-metropolitan areas in United Kingdom are renowned for their cleanliness and natural splendor. It is not surprising to find this quieter place to be a favorite location for tourists to be due to the availability of recreational homes. Berkshire has many of the interesting landmarks that are steeped in historical tradition.

1. Eton College

Our tourist began his or her journey in this English heartland by visiting Eton College. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Berkshire because of its importance in establishing the academic traditions of United Kingdom in medieval times.

Our tourist now learns that this public school was founded by Henry VII, the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I herself. It is interesting to note that Henry VII is considered an important fosterer of education in a time when such an element is society was controlled by the elites and the clergy.

2. Bisham Abbey

Learning about the history of the Tudors brought our tourist to the question of how unique is England’s Christianity than most countries in Western Europe. Now our tourist heads toward another iconic religious landmark, the Bisham Abbey.

The historical manor house was once owned by a powerful Catholic military order called Knights of the Templar until King Edward II took it during the order’s controversial worldwide suppression. Now it has excellent recreational amenities geared towards athletics. Our tourist, probably inspired by the tales of the Templar Knights’ physical proficiency, decides to work out.

3. Highclere Castle

After a fulfilling work out in Bisham Abbey and trying out their sauna when he or she is cooling down, our tourist now heads to another of the top tourist attractions in Berkshire. The Highclere Castle is one of the oldest palaces in the heart of United Kingdom and is now currently under renovation.

It is interesting to note that this castle is home to the famous 5th Earl of Carnarvon named George Herbert. He is the inspiration to every Victorian Egyptologist adventurer and was famous for the assistance of discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun. Now this castle houses a variety of ancient Egyptian relics.

4. Legoland Windsor

Our tourist has now quenched his or her quest for physical and academic education. Now it is time to visit the lighter side of Berkshire. The Legoland is a perfect place for tourists to entertain their childlike fascination, especially those who were playful kids in the 90’s. It is an interesting place to see lots and lots of gleeful children as well.